“A unique experience that transcends gastronomy.”


Paco Roncero has opened Sublimotion in Ibiza, and it has already flown to the top of the most expensive restaurants in world’s list. Paco speaks dearly and tenderly of his dream coming true, truth is I believe his dream was far from creating the most expensive restaurant in the world, even so it sure was a great marketing strategy (for good or for worse) there is no other topic amongst foodie gossip!

Years of research and hard work made it possible for this Michelin stared chef to open a whole new restaurant concept, an unprecedented and at the least, extraordinary gastronomic experience is what is expected at this table that seats 12.

Manipulating the environment and tampering with all your senses Paco Roncero will use high end tech to play with your emotions and take you on a journey that will make you feel that the 1.500,00€ you paid for dinner, were after all, not that much. For one night you will be made the leading protagonist on this show that he has put on for you.

I will leave the joyride for other summers, this one I will focus on reserving a place at Estado Puro’s barra.


“Catering to a new wave of modern travelers seeking unexpected, yet exceptional encounters, we’re thrilled to provide a journey of the sense that promotes music culture.” Abel Matutes


xo See You In Ibiza ?


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