“At sea,

what storms,

what losses,

man endures!” – Luis de Camões

Living at sea is a tough life to take on; here are some tips on how to help you get through…

You can go minimalistic with Venus – Philippe Stark’s freshly launched 256foot yacht.


If your one to sail around the world your pick is the WHY – Wally Hermes Yacht, citing Luca Bassani himself “a new and unique way to live at sea”.


WHY interior

On the market for something classic? Johnny Depp’s superyacht Vajoliroja is now discretely for sale.

JD set

And because according to the great Mies van der Rohe “God is in the details” and “Less is more” my choice goes to the timeless Chris Craft.

Wether you go JFK Style or for a Silver Bullet Limited Edition it is always a perfect choice!

CC Set

Silver Bullet

“Now hear the sailors cry,

smell the sea, and feel the sky

let your soul & spirit fly” – Van Morrison

xo Marez

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