We cannot predict when the oracle has its visions, but I just had one! And from now on I will be sharing them with you. You might not get it just yet, (trust me in time you will), my opinion may not be comprehended (the wise are often misunderstood), but still I will be channelling the fashion gods and delivering you the precognitions. Be prepared!

The signs are there, listen carefully, be aware.

Shall we? Well are you prepared to tie the knot? I noticed, curiously, the funny knot the first time in Sharon Wauchob’s  Spring Summer collection, but it was just another case of “what the hell were you thinking?” kind of thing, but then I my research continued more and more signs appeared my way. The clues were there and they spoke to me loud and clear: Everyone will be tangled up!

After years of rebellion, challenging the nuns in Catholic school by wearing my sweater tied up around my waste, I believe this trend should stay in the 90’s exactly where it belongs.

“One is a coincidence, two is a accident, three is a trend”

xo Marez


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