Yesterday is history … today is a gift… tomorrow is a mystery

The most amazing gathering of people I have ever experienced. After watching the various promo videos of Tomorrowland I had a pretty good idea about it made up in my mind, but it truly surprised me in a positive way.

Last year we finally decided to go through with the plan and got in line for the ticket sale. After a few hours grabbed on to the computer we made it. It was official we were going to Tomorrowland!

Thinking about going for the first time? Don’t think again; get in line for your ticket it is worth every single penny.

The vibe is something else. There is nothing like it. Going there takes you places. There is something about 300.000 people singing at the same time that gives you the chills.

You have everything from commercial stuff to hardcore electronic, but all DJs playing there have one thing in common: the most amazing crowd. That compels them to step up their game (even David Guetta managed to get me of my feet!).

It’s an around the clock non stop party and a parade of (…basically) all the Djs in the book.

The timeless one and only Fat Boy Slim stole the show as he came in the very first day, raising the stakes for the following; it was truly a kick ass show!

Top rating goes to the organization, thumbs up for cleaning & the incredible food courts. Not to mention the lighting and fireworks spectacle that made China’s new years eve blush!

Note taken next time bring hunters!!

xo See You In Tomorrowland?

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