A Borgia like story for the 20th century. Love, hate, money, power, murder it has it all.

The ‘Black Widow of Milan’ also known as Patrizia Reggiani was released from prison today after serving 16 of her 26-year sentence for having her husband Maurizio Gucci ordered killed in 1995. Really? I don’t know about you, but I think you should get 16 years for killing a pair of Gucci’s all the more a Gucci itself! It’s a crime against us civilized people that a century in a cage wouldn’t pay. Boo boo boo poor scorned little princess that didn’t get what she wanted, boo boo boo now she’s looking to be a fashion consultant, boo boo boo probably jailhouse dresses boo boo boo.

“I rather cry in a Rolls Royce than be happy on a bicycle.” – Patrizia Reggiani


xo Marez

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