Yves Camdeborde has announced the expansion of L’Avant Comptoir, the tinny Gastro before Le Comptoir du Relais, by September this year.  Keep in mind this renovation is regarding size only, no tables will be added to the picture, which means it is safe to say that the place will still be packed up with people squeezing in to get to the counter… Just more of them.

The only sad news is… it will be closed during the reformation period. So get in line and wait for a seat next door, it never disappoints. Have a beer, say… some raviole de foie gras et bouillon au thé fume, and what the hell you’re in Paris, why not a terrine de boudin noir béarnais, maybe a côte du veau, but don’t you dare leave that table without asking for a crème brulée au café, it’s considered a capital offense by now!


l'avant comptoir I

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