On the 22nd, Hotel du Cap opened it’s doors to everyone that is anyone, but it does seem like some of them didn’t get the memo at all, this is Cap d’Antibes guys! Did you at least get an invitation? Dress code much?

This is such a disappointment no other amFAR gala made me enjoy more the men’s tuxedos … what is going on? These are top class events, Galas, did they think this was going to be a Bollywood movie?

The level of bad taste was such that at a point I was almost about to quit on commenting on this. Let me take a second and breath. Ok, let’s do this!

Paz Vega the Fitriani Couture dress is wonderful, probably one of my favourites from the evening, but dear, if you don’t have the boobs for it… wear something with a bra!

Mme. Bruni-Sarkosy was a breath of fresh air, looked like a princess in her Maxime Simoens, nothing less was expected from Bvlgary’s ambassador.  And speaking of Princess’ Lilly zu Sayn Wittgenstein Berleburg was elegant in white, as was Victoria Bonya. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Pucci and Liu Wen in Vionett brought the Grecian element to the evening, not my favourites but none the less they looked graceful. Bianca Balti in Dolce & Gabbana and Bar Rafaeli in Elie Saab were the only ones wearing RED as it was the theme colour of the evening we expected to see much more of the hue outside the runway. Carine in Saint-Laurent and Julia Roitfeld in Givenchy, very parisien chic, the party deserved it!

So who won the best dressed prize? If I had to auction a dress it would most definitely be Barbara Palvin’s Elie Saab, she looked stunning, the only thing I would add to it would be a ton of diamonds.

I couldn’t mention auction without referring Leonardo DiCaprio’s very very successful 700.000,00€ bid. Oh Leo fly me to the moon!

Fly me to the moon and

Let me play among the stars” F.Sinatra 

xo See You In Outer Space?


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