24 de la PALOMA

24 paloma

On our way to Bilbao it wouldn’t cross our minds not to stop in this year’s Spanish Gastronomic Capital – Burgos.

After strolling around this beautiful World Heritage Site, breathing in the Gothic breeze surrounding us, we made our way to the number 24 in Calle Paloma.

Finding comfort under the shade of an umbrella and the freshness of a very well poured caña, the repast began.

2013-06-22 14.30.04

First things first, we were greeted with some delicious Tomato Bread paired with a Pear Panna Cotta and Angulas for amuse-bouche.

burgos I

Along came the grilled Asparagus with Hazelnut Butter and Boletus Mayonnaise, Splendid!




In the main courses they brought out the cavalry! I went for the Ravioli de Toro with Burgos Mashed Potatoes and my husband for the Pichon with Apricots. I can hardly say which one was the winner but I must say I would gladly go there again for a tiebreak.


We closed the deal with some Yemas de Burgos topped with a Manzanilla infusion, simply not my cup of tea.

What a delightful experience and a very nice way to start our second day on the road to Bilbao.

xo See You In Burgos?

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