Get your tennis mojo on!  Until the 8th of June I am in Roland Garros mode. The thrill of the matches has begun, that clay field has already witnessed his share of combats, but there is still much more to come. I’ll serve you with this season’s most exciting sport-luxe-outfits, Rag a Bone, Victoria Beckham,  Stella McCartney for Adidas, Lacoste  and L’Etoile, all have created adorable outfits for us to wear willst we practice our swing.

But enough tennis-ready-fashion, what about the players? Are you a S.Williams or a Maria Sharapova girl? What about the boys, are you rooting for Federer or Nadal? I am definitely on the Rafa team! I just hope that Novak didn’t get into his head and that he focuses on tomorrow’s game with Thiem. Will he take home the ninth trophy? Let us wait and see, until then here is today’s schedule.

Break a leg!

“The most elegant of sport would seem to demand the most elegant attire.” L’Etoile by Vanity Fair

xo See You In Paris?


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