Facing the ocean in Albufeira is Vila Joya one of the most renowned boutique hotels ever and the 37th  best restaurant in the world. Is it a hotel restaurant? It is a restaurant hotel, for sure, home of the hysterically exclusive gastronomical party International Gourmet Festival. A spacious veranda havens the dinning area, lost in the immense blue ahead, you are guided by an amazing and charming maître that gives you a one-man-fifties-Las Vegas-show and commands a royal ballet of servers that dance to the tune of what he sings (he really does).

From the zillionaire stove of the chef Koschina take off the ** dishes prepared with mastery of character but a little overwhelming. The heavy dosages of sauces and cream, intense flavours and floral notes might not fit every palate, as well as the inconsistent abrupt transitions in the menu. For us skinny girls the amount is really frightening, even asking half the portions I had trouble finishing the last dishes. Especially the long awaited champagne sorbet with dark chocolate praliné leaves. Do not get me wrong, the food is very good, but in my opinion lack some balance for a two star. That said it is an unavoidable destination for any foodie that comes to the Algarve committed to try the best restaurants and doesn’t get scared with a somewhat oversized price of 200€ per person.

xo See You In Algarve?

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