From a distant future arrived the vision that surgical gadgets can be used as accessories and prosthetics can look like jewellery. No wait this is an unexplored field with countless possibilities that somebody today, and I mean today, already is exploring.

The Portuguese designer Olga Noronha has truly wowed us with her unbelievable ability of turning these dull objects of use into objects of desire. Boys and girls don’t be afraid of getting old, she makes a hip replacement look cool!

If you are searching for inner beauty she is your go to girl, in her latest collection Rejection/ Attraction, she introduces the new fashionable concept of sub/exo-dermal as well as exo/intra-corporeal jewellery. Gold surgical staples, embellished clavicle plates and Hip hip prosthesis, scraped their way out of the gloomy hospitals to shine in parties everywhere. She’s refined health care!



desfile III


Curious? Her work is available online at www.olganoronha.com.

Strike a pose. Get x-rayed!

Xo Marez!


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