Well Honestly if you want to go all Vegan this is the way to go. Former Hugo Boss director Bruno Pieters and Indonesian designer Heaven Tanudiredja have come up with an eco-friendly jewellery collection using vegan products, you heard me correctly no animal products what so ever.

As a true religious believer in leather, bone and fur, Honest By made me suspicious when I was flashed with a line gladly described as Organic, Vegan and Skin Friendly. My mistake, this all European recycled heavenly ornaments are as shallow and pretty as we want them girls.

These very chic accessories are embellished with crystals made out of bits and bobs of glass bought in the Parisian antique markets , so when you hear vegan don’t think tree huger think more in the direction of fabulously 100% green.

honest I

honest II

Honest III


xo Marez

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