On the intersection between Boulevard Saint Germain et le Carrefour de l’Odeon is Le Comptoir du Relais, a legendary, typical French bistro open all day for your delight.

Don’t be scared of the crowd, nor of the huge waiting line forming up the street, these guys work at a hectic pace and it is definitely worth the wait. This is undeniably one of my favourite spots in Paris thus I always recommend it to everyone.

In France be French so go ahead and make your self comfortable, never mind that you are almost sitting on “your neighbours” lap, it’s alright, and when in luck you might even make a foodie friend!

Don’t expect the waiters to speak a lot of English, or by any chance be very caring; it’s not that they’re rude… they are just bloody tired, and they certainly don’t have time to linger at your table, so take a risk, everything is great, be adventurous and order away.

Having gone there a million times I know myself around the menu, but I must say that the memory of some dishes remain on the tip of my tongue… amongst those are the:

Raviole de foie gras et bouillon au thé fume

Terrine de boudin noir béarnaise

Velouté de châtaigne

Côte du veau

Cochon du lait

Ris de Veau

L’escargots, a classic, nevertheless perfect

Crème brulée au café


“I needed to discover new things. It’s the same with food and wine: There’s more to eat than lobster, more to drink than Bordeaux.” Yves Camdeborde


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