DEFCON 1: Wear Hardware

A gold chain saw from Peter Gronquist, a tool-box-desert from Chef Arzak?

We’ve witnessed the rise of overalls, Timberland boots, hardware jewellery, is the hardware store our next go to place for uniqueness?

The tendency is clear and designers are on it! Following the steps first taken by Cartier other jewellers are embracing the handyman in them, and they are going through their tool-boxes, taking advantage of the previous supplies and giving them the main stage, screws, nails, pipes, are now the stars in this show!

Galvanize your look, break into your boyfriend’s boîte à outils and get your hands dirty!

xo Marez!

10 responses to “SLEDGEHAMMERED !

  1. The Arzak “Ferreteria” is simply to die for ! Thank you so very much for leaving such a beautiful comment on my blog and for the follow ! “Everything chic is, by legend, French” ? So very chic greetings from Marseille, France !

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