I have that groovy feeling of I-just-can’t-say-it-enough-times “By MAREZ went to Lisbon Fashion Week” oh yeah!

The Wonder Room, is a space destined to young and up coming designers such as myself. I got to spend those three days amongst some of Portugal’s most creative people, Toino Abel, Alfamarama, Wasted Rita, Violeta Cor de Rosa, Fox Wolf Apparel, FORA, D’Ornellas Boots, Fulana Beltrana e Sicrana, Bashô Cycling Club, Bohemian Swimwear, these are just some of the names to have on your watch list.

Gone is the parade of fashion bloggers, fashionistas, editors, photographers, and curious ones that wanted to take a look of what is to come next season. Three intense days of showcasing the brand, making contacts, having fun, eating bagels and yes of course see some amazing fashion shows! And to go off with a bang an After Party at Lux Fragil!

And so it is… the aftermath, I want to lock myself up in a Spa and be pampered to death, but that’s not going to happen I have a ton of work to do! Can’t blame a girl for day dreaming! Who said “to make money you got to spend money”? It was definitely a girl and she came up with it during fashion week. And so although I was very strong during the weekend, I came home with a few items on my list…

– First things first, I refuse to live another day in my life without a bag from Toino Abel! And because my husband didn’t get the hint (or the thousand hints) I’ll take matters in to my own hands. Relax your bag is only a click away dear!!

Fulana, Beltrana and Sicrana is already working her magic, I’m going to have a mini me, or mini by marez me to follow me around with her own funky coverboots! Can’t wait!! I feel like a child on Christmas morning waiting to see if dad bought me that Barbie I wanted so much

Alfamarama.. well the guy sells moleskines, and if that wasn’t enough… with the coolest sentences on them. But wait, yes he will personalize it for you.. three days, a million attempts.. and no journal came home with me. Maybe he will do one for me that says “the list of a thousand notebooks I want to by from Alfamarama :D”

– “It’s not Porn.. it’s you!” have you made your acquaintance with Wasted Rita ? These limited editions are the lastest badass item you must own

– A pair of D’Ornellas boots, one of each? I’ll take it easy, and slip into some camel ones, summer is around the corner!

– Mummy and me items to die for from Violeta Cor de Rosa, that paper bag is just too cute

I know you’ve heard this a lot lately (or not so lately, since my last post was in January :P), the launching of the brand has been overwhelming, but it is finally paying of, there is a lot of talk about it, my coverboots have been seen walking the streets of Paris, New York, London and other cool places. I couldn’t be more happy and proud. The photos give you a taste of what went on.. I wish I have taken more but some one had to be By MAREZ!

I’ll get back to my orders now, you can check out all the cool stuff I’ve been working on here.

xo See You In Lisbon?

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