100 Maneiras the restaurant that everyone talks about, wanna know why? Go!

Just like your neighbourly restaurant or your grandmother’s cooking Ljubomir’s team manages to bring you right back at home. Do not be fooled, these are not simple dishes, but as complex as these popping flavours are, I am always flown into my childhood.

Another season, another menu, another delight!

* Codfish clothesline

Dehydrated Codfish with coriander aioli and red pepper couli – an homage to the streets and alleys of Lisbon cod chips hang on the clothesline.

* Air, Soil & Sea

Onion cream, coriander foam, pan-seared scallops, shrimp, maize bread and glasswort – Perfectly balanced, the freshest take on surf and turf! Never has the sea been so down to earth.

* Play bunny

Pickled vegetables, rabbit marinade, sesame toasts and blood sausage sand – definitely the highlight of my dinner! Superb dish!

* Foie-gras Bonbon

Rather a downer after the previous gem, must confess the temperature of the foie-gras bon-bon (or should I say ice-cream?!) made it a bit difficult to eat

* Lhubão pato’s grouper

Very good dish but could use a little more balance on the quantity of the broth, it is a tiny bit overwhelming.

* Winter Hood

Chestnut ice cream topped with an thyme foam & syrup, drizzled with eucalyptus dust

* Noughts and crosses Suckling kid

Bringing out the child within you, and like a child I smiled through this kid crepinette with mushroom mousse and lemon gnocci.

*Red wine Lollipop

That’s about it

* Fake Cheesecake & Pastel de nata

Want to know a secret? If you make puppy eyes they’ll get you a refill!


Can’t wait to see what new tricks they have up their sleeve for the summer menu!


xo See You In Lisbon?

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