Either you wish to protect your secret identity or innocently wander the woods on the way to your grandmother’s house, you will want to hide behind your cape this fall.

Like a dark night that rises capes are making a huge come back, Oscar de la Renta, Daks and Duro Olowu are just some of the designers dressing us up to the occasion!

Come to think of it, Halloween is just around the corner and this trend just might be it!

xo Marez

3 responses to “CAPE CRUSADERS

  1. hmmm, this is very interesting. At first i was like, no way in hell, but the last 2 capes in the photos, actually look great. Don’t know about actually wearing them, but like u say, with halloween almost here, we could give it a shot, under the costume excuse. Nice post 🙂 xox

    • Really? I have two, baught them ages ago and they look so posh!! They are similiar to the ones from Oscar de la Renta that you liked! xo

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