Yes I now we’re in the midst of summer and at least where I stand its 30ºC out there, but when it comes to Heston Blumenthal there is no such thing as inappropriate news.


Techno-Foodies from all around the world, I present to you the SAGE Tea Maker. As if tea could get any better… Well, it can!

In his meticulous researches this man has shaken up the way we see food, taught us his hints, tricks and tips, carried us on his lap on the path to perfection, now… he thought “fine if it’s still to hard for them, I’ll create the perfect kitchen appliances line for dummies!” Thank you Heston!

Is it 4 O’clock yet? Get your Tea Maker, tell her what kind of tea you’re having, what strength get’s you going, press the button and as a fool in love stare at the bubbling water until the little basket slowly rises and the chime sounds tell you your tea is ready!

Take a peek at Sage’s website so you can drool over the rest of the range:

xo Marez!

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