Vista Alegre, the Portuguese brand that has conquered the world with it’s classical china, has brought in the cavalry. This time they’re collaborating with the king of patterns Monsieur Christian Lacroix .

Mastering the art of hosting an amazing dinner is no amateurs’ game I tell you! For the impeccable party host a perfect table is no longer enough, get your textbooks! Go couture, or go home!

For dressing up your table you will first need some damn good china, then an haute couture designer to glamour it up, accessorize it with some glorious silver ware, throw in an irreverent mix of flowers, et voilà!

It is perfect combination of classic styling and fashion forward couture, so have fun with it, be bold and mix it up.

This 50 piece collection of gorgeous handmade china counts with four collections: A parade of royal Butterflies; Forum an Arles, 10th century inspiration; A Gaudiesc trompe-l’oeil of mosaic called the Picassiette; and finally Sol y Sombra Black, White and Gold signature Lacroix stripes.




xo Marez

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