This annual gastronomic contest presided by the great Martin Berasategui is divided in five semi-finals throughout Spain. But for today will focus on the 3rd semi-final taking place in Murcia!

The lucky competitors are Estrella Carrillo (Restaurante Santa Ana de Los Ramos), Juan David González (Restaurante Nomad del Hotel Intercontinental, en Torre Pacheco), José Ramón Fernández (Restaurante La Ferradura de Alboraya, Valencia http://www.laferradura.es ), José Ramón Albert (Restaurante El Cerrao de Sot de Chera, Valencia), Noño Damián Albertos (Restaurante Saboramar Gastrobar, Alicante), Joaquín Baeza (Restaurante Baeza&Rufete, Alicante), y Francisco J. Roca (Restaurante Roca, Alicante). Only one will compete in the grand final of Cocinero del Año in the great event Restaurama taking place in March next year.

Judging these Murcians Chefs are Jordi Cruz, Susi Díaz, Rafa Morales, Kiko Moya y Pablo González, methodology, ingredients, cost of the presented menu, as well as taste and presentation will be taken in consideration.

Cocinero del Año

Cocinero del Año

xo See You In Murcia?


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