What an amazing birthday!

Making the most out of a work trip to Bilbao I ended up spending my anniversary just next to San Sebastian in Martin Berasategui’s (Oh shame!!!). Maestro, professor, Dios for some, Martin is not one of the few gastronomy gods in the food Olympus at no cost, he is running a spotless giant kitchen like a P4 lab using fresh season ingredients as reagents to paint beautiful flavours in our plate, all within the most incredible atmosphere.

13 lucky plates that you feel not paying enough for the trouble making their way to you table by the hands of the nicely-friendly-ethereal waiters (there’s even one just for making you a perfect  gin (I mean PERFECT (the best ever and with ice picked huge rocks)), the niña de los ginebras).

Gracias por todo Martin!

Now I let you have a peek.





xo, See You In Lasarte-Oria?

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