Gentleman Suit up!

Gieves and Hawkes, by Royal Appointment, have been tailoring made-to-measure high-end menswear for 450 years, 450 years dressing everyone from princes to pop stars, crafting everything from weekend casual tweeds to formal evening.

Architects of the quintessential English style, these craftsmen are not only doing things by the book, without breaking the rules of tradition, a touch of edginess has been given to these suits, a modern classic if you may, just enough to keep us girls drooling.

In the words of Mr. Jolyon Bexon, manager at No1 Savile Row, “the experience that we offer is unique. We will shine your shoes, cut your hair, get you a whisky and in top of that dress you. It’s a home for every sartorial gent.”

“One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art” Oscar Wilde

xo See You In London?

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