M i N i BAR



By José Avillez


Hello foodies! You might have heard that Stared Chef José Avillez is going to open a new restaurant, you might also have heard that it hasn’t opened yet but Can’t Cook So What got in and is bringing you first hand: Mini Bar !

Eight bites of flavour brought by JA, eight times I wanted a repeat:

El Bulli 2005 Olives XL version

Ferrero Rocher Belcanto 2011

Algarve Shrimp Ceviche

Avocato tempura with dehydrated Kimchi, coriander sprouts, lime and lemon

Tuna Tartar Temaki cornetto with spicy soy sauce

Cod nuggets and “Bulhão Pato” emulsion

Pan seared scallops with Tai flavours

JAburguer DOP

Definitely worth the go!

We left the deserts up to the chef who was ingenious enough to bring us a nitrogen fizzy ice-cream to wash our mouth and something chocolaty so we could leave with a smile.


xo See You In Lisbon


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