This is not just an aluminum bottle!

This Swiss Made creation has been around since 1908 and it’s not going away anytime soon. Sehr Gut!

This year’s new collection has been launched, and maybe some of them will meet their ancestors at MoMA.



From hikers to rock stars, Doctors Without Borders to 007, skaters, geeks or F1 addicts, SIGG bottles are an everyday cult object that you must keep close to you to survive the city jungle.


The new century has kept the Bottle very busy! From the creation of an Iphone App – Stay Hydrated which monitors water intake to being dressed in a design made by Gisele Bündchen, still having time in the way to hit the streets of Berlin to shine in a graffiti suit.


Proving that these bottles have became a trendy fashion accessory it gained it’s place in Paris with it’s own independent stand in Lafayette or in Colette with handpicked special goodies from the collection. Both brands collaborated and came up with an exclusive blue and white design!

From Paris to Milan there it goes to be part of Vivienne Westwood’s shelves and windows in her Milan Boutique. Crossing the Atlantic Ocean, the trouble, the jetlag just to be offered to the guests in Yohji Yamamoto’s Y-3 party thrown at his flagship store in NY.


MySIGG is available so you can customize your bottle – YOUR STYLE. YOUR SIGG.

xo What Does Your SIGG Say?

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