Once again the fashion gods have spoken, the dice have been rolled, there is probably no going back but the signs are there, listen carefully, be aware.

I don’t know if it has anything to do with the re-emergence of the Birkenstock or with the dirty-little-secret that every woman hides about her love to comfortably slide on into some flats, matter a fact is these hideous flip flops are sure to come back, and it wont be long until they are everywhere, trust me! I am giving you the heads up so you don’t give in.

First the Croc, then the Birkenstock, now the swimming pool flip flop? Oh please, don’t you people know when enough is enough?

Classic swim sporty slides from Adidas are sure to be very useful for the Olympic swimmers, (yeah, sure, I know our actual Monegasque princess loves her swimming but it needn’t be reason for us to change from La Perla in to Speedo!!),  but for now on let’s just keep them in the gym bag and if you terribly want to slide into something let it be a Mule!

“One is a coincidence, two is a accident, three is a trend”

xo Marez

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