It is with tremendous sadness that I announce that our dear El Racó de Can Fabes is set to be closing its doors for good.

One more casualty on the foodie world … after 250 years, 32 of them as a gastronomic meca, 3 Michelin stars, Santamaria’s pride and joy is serving its last meal on August 31th.

One of the first Spanish restaurants to be awarded the famous macarron , it has been a reference to vanguard gastronomy around the world for the last 30 years, even after the passing away of the great Maestro. El Mundo states that the family wanted to “leave with their head held high” and that “above all the sorrow that sentiment that prevails is the satisfaction “ for the “brilliant path” that they had, quoting Santi’s daughter Regina.

First El Bulli, Sergi Arola’s Gastro, now Can Fabes, my poor little foodie heart can’t take yet another loss…

I leave you with the goodbye letter written by this great family

xo Marez

Sant Celoni, 17th July 2013

Dear Friends:

We wish to inform you that after thirty-two years of a marvellous gastronomic and culinary adventure at Montseny’s feet, the following 31th of August Can Fabes is set to close its doors.

More than three decades of indefatigable creations; in search of the maximum product quality and perfection both in the kitchen and the dinning room; of a commitment with the culinary roots and their renovation. And everything preceded by an ideal transmitted to us by the cofounder and for so many years the soul of this household, Santi Santamaria: satisfy the clients, as we shall do, with all the illusion, until the very last day.

A restaurant is a team, and at Can Fabes we are very proud of the great teams that we have built and of the brilliant trajectory of a lot of great cooks and dinning & wine head waiters that have passed through Sant Celoni.  For that fact, when time comes to say goodbye, on top of the sadness, the dominating feeling is satisfaction.

Santi Santamaria has taught us to be satisfied with the work well done. After two and a half years after his death, we are proud of having kept the values and ideals that he imbued on us, even in his absence. However high cuisine is living tough times in our country, Can Fabes lacks the necessary economic viability to move forward with this project based on excellency, and for that we have decided to put an final stop to one of the most brilliant chapters of the Catalan and European Cuisine of the past twenty-five years.

As all great stories, the story of Can Fabes ends the 31th of August, to continue in the present and future projects of all those whom have passed through our kitchen and dinning room, as will in the memory of the thousands of diners that have forever been our purpose of existence.

To all them, to you all, thank you very much and farewell,

Familia Santamaria-Serra

Translation by Marez

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