© Fullspot UK

© Fullspot UK

Last weekend I came across this adorable oh-my!-I’ve-got-to-have-this-bag by Fullspot and I simply couldn’t resist! When it comes to versatility we are all in, the O’bag is textbook DIY on bags, there go the perfect excuse to buy it, right? “honey, think about it! It’s quite a bargain, I can mix and match all sorts of handles and accessories!”, yeah right, I’ll keep telling myself that and meanwhile I’ve managed to get my hands yet another bag!

28 stunning colours and some great accessories from wool to chinchilla, taking a quick stop in grunge-land with a cool tartan canvas. As they say “You may never meet someone with the same O bag as yours!”, what better way to make it personal?

xo Marez!

4 responses to “OH MY !

    • Thank you Alexander for your words. I have substituted the link for the one you gave me, I believe now everything is correct.
      Best regards,

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