I’ve been a Gin & Tonic enthusiast for quite some time so I couldn’t help but notice the re-emergence of this classic cocktail. Everywhere I turn Gin Bars are opening, people are rediscovering Gin and it is becoming an every occasion, every time drink, having detached itself from the appetizer label it serves you well for accompanying meals, a beach refreshment or to pull an all nighter. G&T was perfect? Schweppes didn’t agree. For the first time last year I was introduced to a collection of premium tonics by Schweppes in none other than Teatro Pereyra in Ibiza. From the fusion between these premium tonics and premium gins, arrived OriGins. There are four varieties: Original Premium; Orange Blossom & Lavender; Pink Pepper and Ginger & Cardamom.

So be adventurous, take the leap, why not try something new? Here are some of the great mixtures:

  • Beefeater 24 with Original Premium Tonic, fresh parsley, grapefruit peal.
  • Gin Mare with Orange Blossom and Lavender Tonic, basil leaves
  • G’Vine with Pink Pepper Tonic, green apple peal, grapes and freshly grounded nutmeg
  • London Nº1 with Ginger and Cardamom Tonic, black olives and thyme

So here’s to us, gin mavens, a toast to the perfect gin & tonic.

The perfect Gin&Tonic


7 cl of Gin  (go crazy spoil yourself with a bottle of Citadelle Reserve)

1 Lemongrass root, cut in half vertically (this will give it a more intense and sweet aroma)

1 tsp of edible gold

Premium Tonic to fill



Wine glass

Gin measurer

Bar mixing spoon

(beginner? Buy a Gin&Tonic Kit)

Step 1: Mise en Place. Set up a wine glass, fill it with ice and water and with a spoon mix it up until the glass is frozen, I mean ice cold! (Takes about 30 seconds). Discard.

Step 2: Icing. The more the ice the better, so fill it up with ice, then pour in 7cl of gin.

Step 3: Perfuming. Take the lemon grass and rub it on the edge of the glass, afterwards place it inside. (Not lemon OK?).

Step 4: A touch of gold. Dust a bit of the edible gold on top of the ice, carefully keeping it away from the crystal to avoid it to stick.

Step 5: Carbonizing. Adding the tonic water, now here you have to be wary, take the bar mixing spoon and let the water gently flow through it so you don’t break the bubbles.

Step 6: Last but not least, give it a good soft stir to finely mix the gin & tonic

“Only the first can be original, and only one can be the first”

xo Marez

2 responses to “OriGins

    • Hi Joanna!
      Well the first four have about the same difficulty level, but I must say that if you’re starting go with Gin Mare, it’s not too fruity and not too dry, and quite easy to put together.
      Important thing is to get a bottle of first-class gin and some good tonic water.
      Good cocktailing!
      xo Marez

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