Renova is a Portuguese brand that has been defining how we roll since 1939. But lately they have been responsible for the buzz around the toilette paper revolution, open your eyes trends setters, hunters and followers they have Renovated the ever-so-dull toilette paper concept. How? They cladded it in black! While in Portugal we were already used to our trendy restrooms bejewelled with the famous black label rolls, the world was clueless but not for long, it has gone viral, the world is dazzled!

Known worldwide as the Sexiest Toilette Paper, you can find it in Louvre’s Point WCs,  Fashion Weeks, and guess what, Renova has a Toilete Paper Vending Machine at IKEA isn’t that a blast? Rumour has it that Red Renova Toilette Paper is on Queen B’s list of backstage demands.

And if the weekend has left you feeling inspired you can design your own here.

Renova B

Renova Colours

Once you go black you can never go back!

xo Marez

One response to “DRESS CODE: BLACK TIE !

  1. I’ve bought one black Renova paper once, and it felt strange ! When you commented on my “Toto Coelo” post, saying it was so “Flintstones”, I already had planned to do a “Flintstones” post, so it made me laugh !

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