See You In Porto?

A couple of friends took me to lunch at a great restaurant yesterday Gull in Porto city. For those who know their way around the fooding spots in Porto, the Sushi man used to work at Terra, for me the best sushi spot in Porto.. Yet!
We had the lunch menu for 15,00€, where you can choose from a Miso Soop or the Guioza, (try the Guioza they will blow your mind!!), and then you get this marvelous plate full of sushi specialties and 4 slices of Sashimi. For desert they served a beautiful Panacotta with a strawberry and balsamic vinegar reduction.
The fish is very very fresh and the chef’s creativity makes it going there worth your while.


On top of all this there’s the view, the restaurant’s terrace is facing Douro River so the view is amazing, especially on a hot and sunny day like yesterday! Thumbs up for the deco also.

xo See You in Porto?

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