Dear followers,

I’ve consulted the Oracle and it said: “This winter cover up those boots!”

The signs are there, listen carefully, be aware.

The fur boot is the most chic après ski accessory one can wear when out in the Alpes, Moncler, Moon Boots, have been doing purple label editions for years.

Dolce & Gabbana gave it a go in their AW 2006 collection, year when I crowned them the kings of the Yeti-Boot, and year that marked the beginning of my obsession.

In 2010 I thought this trend was gonna stick fur real, Ralph Lauren, Lanvin, Chanel, Louboutin and others gave in to fur and started covering up accessories, still the fashionistas around the world made a shy buy in.

Listen to the Oracle, 2014 is the turning point. The time is now! Fur has been sprinkling runways since 2006, but 2014 is the time for fur accessories to shine, head bands, clocks, bracelets, bags, fur bag bugs and of course… boots!

My search for a not-as-expensive-as-my-car fur boots has been relentless, and not for the first time in my life I’ve decided to put my hands to work and get on it. Being that and as much as I love the 5000-dollars-lynx-dolce-&-gabbana-boots I added to my brand a line of fur cover boots, I think you’ll love them, hip yet cozy you can dress them up or down, and I wear them to, well, cover up anything, stilettos, tennis shoes, high-knee boots, ankle boots… you name it!

Find out more in my website here

“One is a coincidence, two is a accident, three is a trend”

xo Marez

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