12 Step Program to Fashion Week in Paris

Hello my name is Marez and I am a fashion addict!

First of all the clock is ticking so “chop chop” you must get those heals working and start planning your trip!

1.  Because it is crazy difficult to book a table in Paris, and the week is long book:
–       L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon de Saint-Germain – mandatory!
–       Frenchie
–       Chateaubriand
–       And for a pre-nightout dinner La Societé

2.  Now that we’ve guaranteed that you will dine like a queen, we must also make sure you sleep as one! They say there is no rest for the wicked, but to hell with it I need my beauty sleep!
If you want the real deal call Susie at Vingt and she will hook you up with a studio with a French flair. Get it tailor-made, so if you are as half a foodie I am, ask for something in Montorgueil, and please have an éclair at Stohrer.
But well if you want to be pampered book a room at Plaza Athénée Paris, – there’s no going wrong with it. Between the Dior Institute Spa and Alain Ducasse’s food… well, I rest my case, no further comment needed.
3.  Now let’s talk packing ! Don’t pack as if you are moving to Paris, remember that you are going to The fashion capital, and thus, you are going to want to buy the world! I never leave home without my Macbook Air ( how else could I keep you in the loop?) My Moleskine is attached to my bag as a leech. Bring your best fur, primarily because it’s Paris and you must look fabulous, and second because it is bloody freezing!
4.  Download the Fashion Week Schedule to your Iphone,
5.  Getting around? Paris is the most beautiful city in the world, you will want to walk it out, so I always bring a pair of ballerinas in my neverfull so I can get off my Louboutins and make a run for it! But if you do get tyred or the weather just wont do it, get the app Uber (guaranteed life saviour in what comes to Taxis in Paris).
6.  Brunch at Kong and enjoy the view, lunch at Le Comptoir enjoy les escargot.
7.  Take a rest from all the shopping and sit down for a cappuccino at L’Avenue.
8.  Go see the Fan exhibit currently at Musée Cognacq-Jay.
9.  Go crazy-shopper-on-that-a**, Avenue Montaigne, Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, Etienne-Marcel, Galeries de LaFayette, after seeing all the shows up close and personal you will want to buy the world, and I bet you didn’t take my advise regarding packing, so enjoy the excuse and go to Goyard buy yourself a trunk.
10. Get lost in Le Marais, the hip district that you will fall in love with.
11.  Have a glass of Champagne and some beluga at La Maison du Caviar 
12.  If you find the time go to Versailles

“Paris is always a good idea.” Audrey Hepburn

xo See You In Paris?

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