For those who like me (and yes I’m talking about you…) who think that traveling is just an excuse to eat, Conde Nast has a treat for you! For the 15th anniversary of it’s Hot Tables they created a guide of the moment’s 70 trendiest spots in some of the favorite foodie cities in the world:

What is trendy right now?

Paris:  Great sandwiches, Asian-cuisine, and a modern take on French bistro cooking. All about the Kale! The green of the moment! Find more at: TheKaleProject.wordpress.com

New York: Foraged food! Scavenged from the best farmers, mushrooms, roots and herbs arrive to the big apple.

London: The (affordable) wine bar!

Tokyo: Ramen and tapas spots. Craft brewing! Brew-based bars are popping across the city.

Sydney: Native Australian Foods, these Aussie ingredients are creatively showing up all around: cranberries, iron-rich leaves, tender wallaby…

Shangai: Italian! The discovery of Pizza, the Shanghainese have shown their devotion to this world class favorite.

Want more? It’s all in the guide.







Don’t forget to try!

xo Marez!

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