Owned by the magnificent Roca brothers, Rocambolesc is without a shadow of a doubt, and may I say officially, Europe’s best bar of 2013, says who? Well, I do, of course, and Restaurant & Bar Design Awards do too.

This candylicious-charlie-and-the-chocolate-factory themed ice-cream store looks as good as the goodies that come from inside of the freezer.

But oh yes I’ve saved the best for last, ready? They are turning up the heat!

“This revolutionary product will change the way we eat our ice-cream”, ice cream lovers meet my friend: Hot Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Thanks to a couple of years investigating and a little help from Andreu Carulla they have come up with a machine that heats up to 39ºC these idyllic buns filled with ice cream in a way that the outside gets crispy and the ice cream that oozes from within is still icy cold!

“Eatable marshmallow pillows

Lickable wallpaper for nurseries

Hot ice creams for cold days

Cows that give chocolate milk

Fizzy lifting drinks

Square sweets that look round” – Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

xo See You In Girona?

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