Is the great David Webb back, or did he never leave us at all? His inexorable repertoire transports us to the upper most exclusive safari! Zebras, crocodiles, frogs, all have a special place in his creations. Notably influenced by early Cartier and Van Cleef, these colourful enamel animals that for camouflage oddly mix up diamonds and semi-precious stones, are eternally the next hot thing!

Jackie O. dubbed him “ a modern day Cellini.”, Ava and Grace wouldn’t be caught dead in Cannes without these crafts, and well not to mention Lizzy, the woman had an affair with jewellery. Today it’s up to us, all-things-stunning addicts, to keep this unique American genius’ alive. And who fresher than Terry Richardson to spice things up? Eniko Mihalik and Terry get nasty in a sexy photo-shoot. Well, it’s Terry we’re talking about, he’d settle for nothing less!




xo See You At 942 Madison Avenue?

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