It has finally premiered! The movie that unveils some of the secrets of the foodie subculture. Directed by Thomas Jackson, Charlotte Landelius & Henrik Stockare, who describe the Lithuanian model/blogger Aiste Regina, food critic Andy Hayler and photographer Katie Keiko Tam as  ”slightly bizarre but charming food maniacs.”

If you are a fellow foodie you will relate to these people and their quest to taste the best food in the world.

Andy who claims to have sat at all of the three Michelin stared tables in the world calls it a game, and isn’t it? You can feel the thrill and the joy of doing something you love, you score points and brag about them with your friends, fellow foodies and even rival foodies. As in a game, there are goals, rules, chalenges and interactions.

This is a film about people that share the same passion: Food, and who believe that it should be considered as other forms of art are.

I have read many hateful critics to this documentary, my advice haters? Leave the bitterness to your canned food. But the truth is the prejudice exists, why is it ok to fly across the world for a football match, but if you do so to try the best food in the world you are labelled as an extravagant capitalist?

Get a taste of it here.

“Just to eat is a gift” Ferran Adria

xo Marez


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