Havaiana I

For the poor to the rich Havaianas started as simple flip flop back in the 60’s, inspired by the easy way of the Japanese Zori sandals, but it has travelled far away from the feet of poor kids playing football in the Brazilian favelas.

Like the plague on mice it spread conquering a spot in the fashion sphere and making its way into magazines and window-shops around the world. From Beggars to Kings came the expression “todomundousa” meaning “everyone wears them”.

Really? Yes we do! But is it the case of a one shoe fits all kind of thing? Not really! Angelina or her royal highness Steph, Kelly Slater or Britney Spears (God even Obama has a pair), from the streets of NY to the sands of Monte Carlo they are present everywhere that matters. You can buy them directly from the hands of a street vendor in Africa, in BergdorfLafayette, Via Spiga or Harrods sharing the scene with brands like Dior and Prada.

They even have been participating in the Oscar’s by being part of the gift basket given to the nominees.

In 2004 to mark their anniversary they partnered with H Stern and together came up with an exclusive and exquisite havaiana piece adorned with 18k gold and diamonds!

This collaboration paved the way to many others to come. Like Marc Jacobs and Missoni or the MYOH initiative – Make Your Own Havaianas, a collection of soles, straps and Swarovski crystals sold separately, offering infinite possibilities.

Sometimes I ask myself how many havaianas can one have? Really who cares I want them all!

Love it or hate it, that’s up to you, but wear them!

You can find a large variety of models and limited editions here.

xo Marez

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