100 Maneiras Bistro


We arrived at Chiado it was a few minutes to 11.00p.m., and we were almost sure that we would end up the evening eating a hotdog somewhere along the way, when a friend of ours sugested that we all went to Chef Ljubomir Stanisic’s new restaurant, the Bistro 100 Maneiras ( which in English can either mean “A Hundred Ways” or “Without Manners”). The place was not only open but people were still arriving to have dinner, we immediately got excited because nowadays it’s not easy to dine late in Lisbon. This youthful and trendy restaurant is the ideal place for a late night dinner after the theatre. The in-house DJ sets the mood with some great music but just high enough that you can still have a conversation.

Because our friend knew the Chef he got to sat down with us for a while and we really liked his vibe, a very down to earth guy, something that really shows in his cooking. I believe this Yugoslavian Chef really managed to capture the portuguese soul in his dishes and I must say that I am not one who get’s easily impressed but this time I was very surprised, not to say speechless.

The dishes are very creative but at the same time very down to earth and unpretentious. Can’t really tell why the restaurant doesn’t have a michelin star yet but it definitely deserves it. It is beyond a doubt a place to go in Lisbon so please don’t miss it!

xo Marez

Largo da Trindade, 9, Chiado – 1200-466 Lisboa, Portugal

xo See You in Lisbon

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