ВОДКА “Vodka” – Slavic word for “little water”

Colour: Clear

Taste: Neutral

Original base: Potatoe

Nationality: Russian

Yesterday whilst waiting in line for a drink during a break in runway show, I heard a rather not so “intelligent” conversation about gin vs vodka. Alone as I was in that never ending waiting “line” I couldn’t help but wonder, omg I truly have a gift. I remember last year having this conversation with some friends that were very shocked that I ordered a vodka tonic (shocker! You crazy ass bitch how dare you stay out of fashion, don’t you know you are suppose to drink gin? )

You lovely dear friends forget that gin and tonic is only newsflash for lame trend followers as yourselves, I been preparing gin and tonics for my grandmother since I was old enough to reach the shelves at the bar. I am a gin-as-an-apperitif-kind-of-girl and I take it simple, with some lemon grass, no salad needed thank you!

Vodka to me, and so many others, feels like home, so it’s only natural that we welcome back this good old friend into our lives.

The moment is nearly here. Vodka bars (yes, you heard me correctly, a bar that only serves vodka.. Shame on you! Throw in some Beluga over some blinis please)

Lisbon Fashion Week made a statement by only serving vodka, Stolishnaya poshed up their image and now they are “Stoli”, how trendy of them..

But don’t worry salad drinking lovers, vodka brands gave in to the trend and syroped up these ultimate mixers and have prepared all kinds of cocktails full of fruits and in some non appropriate glasses as well.

I’ll leave you to my top ten list of vodkas, be brave enough to order one of the top five straight with one rock of ice to truly indulge your senses.


What’s your poison?

xo See You In Moscow?

“I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade… And try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka, and have a party.” – Ron White 

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Top Ten Vodkas

1 U’luvka – Poland

2 Reyka – Iceland

3 Beluga – Russia

4 Stolichnaya Elit – Russia

5 Belvedere Intense – Poland

6 Ultimat – Poland

7 Absolut Elyx – Sweden

8 Cîroc – France

9 Grey Goose – France

10 Snow queen – Kazakhstan

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