The season has begun! All roads lead to Italy as we get ready for another edition of the Audi Chef’s Ski Cup! From the 18 to the 23rd of January Süd Tirol welcomes the culinary elite to show off their skiing skills.. And yes, do some cooking too!

On the Chef’s corner you will find some of the world’s most renowned chefs, discussions, tastings, dinning and drinking with some of the best culinary minds, what better way to relax after hard-work than this? Massimo Bottura***, Riccardo Monco***, Claude Bosi** from Hibiscus, Norbert Niederklofer** and Karl e Rudi Obauer** are just some of the names I took of the this week’s program. Buckle up, this is going to be massive!

Now let’s talk packing! Over the years I’ve mastered this art, decades training (thank you grandmother!) and of list making I’m a pro! So usually my friends come to me for advice, ski trips are tricky! So take notes!

Fur is mandatory, don’t you think for one second that you can survive the wilderness with a poly-something-something-coat, the wild is for the wicked, so cover up! A good fur jacket will be your best friend, especially if afterwards you want to wear that mini dress to the belvedere party.

Nothing beats après-ski ambience. So take with you some wool leggings (you want to show of your legs, because up top you want to wear the biggest jacket in your closet!), cashmere sweaters will be your daily addiction so pack a bunch, tees and tanks to wear underneath, some cashmere socks, Moon Boots, scarves, gloves, wool head bands and pack up a fur hat (life saver!).

You do want to party, take something sassy, mini wool dresses, over-the-knee-boots, shorts and merino sweater combinations couldn’t be sexier! Do try to look confortable, no sequins, no high heels, there’s nothing worst than  an up-tight-sparkling-barbie in the Alpes.

Now let’s talk sport equipment, are you one to travel up the mountain to drink cappuccinos or do you hit the tracks? Sharpen up those Rossignol, polish your Apex , Moncler always does the trick equipment wise but nowadays you do have a bunch of top brands doing marvellous snow suits take Fendi and House of Holland for example.


Clic on those skis and enjoy the fresh fluffy snow.

xo See you downhill?


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