Yesterday was another marvellous day in Algarve, and what better way to spend a sunny Sunday than amongst family and friends? We decided to try Parrilla’s Sunday Roast, and as they have accustomed us over the years it was wonderful. A beautiful table was set in the garden, and a strawberry and coconut mojito was waiting for us.

We had the Sunday roast menu at 19,50€, and to open up our appetite they brought us a variety of bread (grab the olive bread first!!), some feat cheese and olives. For starters a choice between tomato soup and shrimp kebab, we all gave the shrimps a chance so I can’t tell you how the soup was… But I’ll tell you this, the shrimp we’re very well marinated in some lemony pesto.. slightly over cooked but still very good. For the main course you could choose from roasted lamb, the sirloin and chicken, also no big creativity in the group, we all went for the sirloin. This time I have no fingers to point, everything was wonderful! For side dishes they brought roasted potatoes, peas (bright green, none of that mushy stuff), al dente broccoli, caramelized carrots, Yorkshire puddings and gravy. For desert they gave they let you pick apple crumble or coffee crème brulée ice cream, this time we decided two ask for two of each. Both were very good, although I’d rather have my crumble less sweet, but you know me…

And with all this we looked at the watch and two hours had flew by, the sun had set, time for coffee and the bill. Sadly I did not make space for the petit fours, some delicious airy-looking chocolate cookies.

We got to leave as soon as I could drag my daughter of the great playground they have out back! Home we went to enjoy the rest of our Sunday, sharing a blanket and ready to watch the new Girls season! Gotta Love Sundays!

xo See You Next Sunday?


2 responses to “SUNDAY ROAST

  1. If I had to come up with another name for my website your blog name would sum me up in a nutshell ;P.

    Great blog and love the layout of it! Thanks for your incredibly kind comment on IFB! Am ecstatic to have you as a new reader =D

    Helen xx

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