Isn’t it crazy? It’s already passed like a month I busy busy bee over here hasn’t even had the time to write about IFEMA, and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.. or almost anything to be honest! This is for a very good reason, the launch of my brand was a success, and it’s first months have been dreamlike! But if the result of being very tired is success, then cheers to that! Let’s sell some chains and some coverboots!!

IFEMA was madness, in an awesome kind of way, I got to go with my hipster cousin, so it was loads of fun. Sold plenty, bought a lot of cool things so many news will be arriving soon. Although the schedule was very tight we still managed to have some fun, and do some shopping (clothes I mean… I needed to rest on the jewellery hehe ), did some pretty good deals in Brandy Melville, and H&M’s delux winter line (long live cashmere!!).

Here’s a taste of what went on, behind and out of IFEMA‘s gates!

xo See You In Madrid ?

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