There is nothing quite like a weekend getaway, especially when it’s completely spontaneous. If you mix weekend+getaway+Seville in the same sentence, the result can only mean one thing: EME ! Oh how I missed you ! Finally got a chance to get back to my favourite spot in Seville, dare I say Spain.

Ever since Santi was born I hadn’t gotten a chance to go to Seville properly, between dippers and a launch of a brand, I was madly craving this city.

So, unexpectedly, spur of the moment, we decided to pack light and drive to Seville. Yes it was bloody hot as usual, 30ºC at night, p-e-r-f-e-c-t ! A bit of Summer that brought me back to life. The mojitos are still great, so is the view. Everything’s quite the same as I left it. Two changes though.. I’ll start with the bad news, something’s wrong in Casa Placido, the huevos à la Flamenca were so dreadful I sent them back, they are not going to see much of me in a while. Now do you want good news? I have been meaning to go to this very well announced gastrobar Ovejas Negras, just around the corner from EME, it was a bit full, a bit loud, and since we were starving we decided to go a few doors down to Mamaracha, from the same owners (couldn’t disappoint us, right?), I am so gratefull we did! It had been a while since I found a place that I felt at home, so quickly, and not because of the leather-chesterfield-like couches we sat on. Very very good, left with a smile on my face. Very very good price, one I couldn’t believe. An absurd amount of tapas and cañas came by the table (red peppers, tuna tartare, asparagus, burrata, potatoes with melting gruyere, remolacha, blood sausage, tuna tataki with vegetable chop suey…), bravely finished by a famished and very very blissful group of friends. Great staff, nevermind the infamous reviews on TripAdvisor, give these guys a chance, and you’ll come out on top! From Sevilla by night we only got to see the hotel bar and their exquisite mojitos since we had the baby with us (that by the way was sleeping like a baby in the midst of all this)!

Well farewell Sevilla, we’ll be back soon! That’s a promise!

xo See You In Seville?


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