Flying to Madrid for the weekend! Last minute packing! A lot going on, Bisutex, Madrijoya, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!! So much to do, so much to see and so little time!

When you’re constantly on the run and on the road, there are a few things that never leave my checklist:

  • First what to wear? I always pick something very comfortable, but I do also like to look good when I get there, so pick something trendy yet comfy. My favourite look is the one I’m going for today, boyfriend jeans my Takeshy Kurosawa, some flats are always perfect for that final quick run to the gate, today I’m wearing my Pretty Ballerinas. Layer up, a t-shirt and a nice shirt on top, grab a coat and put it in the bag in case the crew goes crazy on the plane’s air conditioning.
  • A trolley, I do not want to be dragging a bag around the airport, those days are gone. I love my Samsonite, it’s light and black, goes with me everywhere. Louis Vuitton’s never full is the perfect handbag for travelling, well it never get’s full!
  • Don’t forget your ticket!
  • Only though thing in the end is to say goodbye!

I’ll hurry up now, xo See You In Madrid?


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