By José Avillez

Hello again foodies! Last time, eager to tell you the experience but with little time to do it the right way, I missed a lot of important details on the new restaurant by the stared Chef José Avillez Mini Bar! My favourite from the JA universe. A clean theatrical look, for an ancient theatre bar as you walk through the door, efficient pleasant staff, premium drinks and cocktails for your every wimp and from Thursday to Saturday a Live DJ.

Eight bites of flavour we tasted brought by JA, eight times I wanted a repeat, as the night flew away talking with the chef about all the huge problems that afflict us about the future of gastronomy and gastronomic restaurants around the world. Where do we go from here? How does one survive? I don’t think my daughter really got the importance of these questions but she really loved the company of the pleasant José.

El Bulli 2005 Olives XL version

Always good to remember something great that brings me the memory of my wedding at the shamefully lost Hacienda Benazuza El Bulli Hotel

Ferrero Rocher Belcanto 2011

Another known bite that I can’t resist

Algarve Shrimp Ceviche
The best shrimp in the world treated carefully and with respect in a fresh way that allows you to bite the amount of acid you need straight from the lemon

Avocado tempura with dehydrated Kimchi, coriander sprouts, lime and lemon
Have you tried avocado tempura? No? You must. Yes? You must try this one

Tuna Tartar Temaki cornetto with spicy soy sauce
Asia all in for the tuna lovers like us

Cod nuggets and “Bulhão Pato” emulsion
What is a Portuguese food tour without cod? Nothing you’ll say. But I bet most of you don’t know the traditional flavour of “bulhão pato” sauce. Try them together here

Pan seared scallops with Thai flavours
It’s scallops for heaven sake, well seared and flavoured, need I say more?

JAburguer DOP
Probably the best beef mini burguer ever, a great contender for Gonzalo’s oxtail’s, with a bun that you can’t forget

We left the deserts up to the chef who was ingenious enough to bring us a nitrogen fizzy ice-cream to wash our mouth and something chocolaty so we could leave with a smile. Left there with about 80€ lighter and 4 pints of beer heavier, no spirits or wine.

Definitely worth the go!

xo See You In Lisbon ?




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