Extra Extra Read All About It !!

Yes you all know that this summer I jump started my new company By MAREZ, and truth it is, my knew role in eyewear has gotten me privileged access to top-secret-you-don’t-wanna-miss-out-information.

Fresh of the press and straight to you guys, today as of 10a.m. Eastern Time, Warby Parker is launching the brand new Waterway Collection. They took five favorites for a quick dip, now they’re cooler than ever, I mean icy cold! Welty, Bensen, Piper, Griffin, and Percey took of their Sand Castle and Marine Pebble biquinis off and went skinny dipping in the ocean. I got my eyes on the Percey model, imagine me rocking a pair of those sunnies and soaking up the sun,p-e-r-f-e-c-t!

Check out their “try at home” service, if you are as picky as I am in what it comes to choosing the right pair of sunglasses you will love it!

I’m not usually impressed on stories about the underdog vs. big-bad-capitalist-companies, well, unless they give me hard proof that with them I am actually making the best choice! These student friends when unable to afford quality glasses at decent prices, rebelled and decided to run against eyewear world domination, guess what, they made it!

My sources were kind enough to send me the secret files so here is first hand the new models:

xo See You Underwater ?

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