The tapa never dies! At least that’s how Paco welcomes you under the new Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, this is the sibling of his gastrobar in Madrid, Estado Puro, one that was born here in the magic island. Here the reinterpretation is not limited to the traditional tapas, you can also have a full meal menu, which for me beats the purpose, but the only other Roncero option is the 1500€ Sublimotion, maybe that’s why. Aesthetically nice and Spanish, the space is very pleasant and modern. If you go there during dinner time, remember to ask for the tapas menu, or as I, maybe they wont give it to you. It was only by chance that I saw some delicious-looking sliders and asked why I hadn’t seen it in the menu.. et voilà! The tapas menu landed on my lap!

I believe that service-wise there is plenty of room to improve. But let’s leave the sad stories behind, because I did love that gin flavored night in the pool-looking-balcony, I’ll walk you through it…

Corte de foie-gras con pan de especias y reducción de Oporto
Foi-gras cut with spices bread and port reduction

A twist on the Port-Foie classic that is very good if you drool for fat duck liver like I do

Buey de mar en brioche con sésamo y toques de thai
Brioche with brown crab, sesame and thai flavors

You got to love the crab, fresh and exotic, but the bun, oh my G the bun, deep fried not a hint oily, bakers throughout the world, please start leaving it on our doorsteps in the morning. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease, pretty please!

Mini Burguer con mostaza a la antigua
Mini Burguer with ancient mustard

Good, not the best in Estado Puro, nor the best mini burgers I’ve had. Still…

Rollito de gamba Vietnam con mango y shiso verde
Vietnam Prawn roll with mango and green shiso

Asian food enthusiasts don’t miss it, next time I want a bowl full of these tempting rolls

Huevo escalfado a 63ºC con estofado de alcachofas e espárragos con salsa de Oporto
63ºC poached egg with artichoke and asparagus stew, and Port sauce

Sounds better than it was, I tinny bit puzzled.

Corte de helado de queso parmesano con marmelada de limón
Parmesan cheese cut, with lemon marmelade

Its summer freshness is so great that almost feels like a dessert. Leave it for the end and you can pass the sweets. One advice for you Paco, if I may, put the marmalade in the middle, since the one on the plate vanished.

With a Belvedere and an Hendrix you leave about 100€, not bad for Ibiza high standards.

xo See You In Ibiza?



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