Hello there my not so golfer friends! Do you feel like soaking up your eager soul with art & culture in an eclectic cosmopolitan city, but you really hate long lines to museums and monuments? Or maybe you’re just so soared with last year’s infinite work load that you just need to relax at the beach away from the hordes of beachballracketplayers-loudspeackers-sandtrowers? OK, you’re just a foodie who needs the best chefs to work along your pillow side because you don´t like to parkwalktaketransportationarroundtown while you’re on vacation? Getting confused, just because what you really want is to fengshuinirvana yourself to the bones, drooling in a massage table? Why not take’em all? At Hotel Arts Barcelona you can! Five stars infrastructure prepared for your every need, they now have a brand new set of menus with haute cuisine dishes and luxurious drinks so you can enjoy your summer without leaving the premises. Love Sergi Arola? They have one. Want to indulge yourself in the Michelin Universe? Enoteca restaurant terrace offers it while you are contemplating the Mediterranean. In the Marina restaurant, more casual, they allow you to deep in the pool and eat-drink your favorites. You also have Frank’s Bar, Frank Gehry’s sportive architectural lounge, Bites restaurant fast dishes all day and Café Veranda unforgettable breakfasts.

Food and Ghery’s not enough? Try a feelslikehimalayas 43rd floor  spa and it’s panoramic sea view and you might find me there with Arola’s snacks in my lunch box.


xo See You In Barcelona ?


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