What do you serve when you invite Ferran Adrià to have dinner at your place? Well, if you’re Nathan Myhrvold you serve a 50-course modernist meal! How do you know you’ve got it right? When Adrià says “Fantastico !” And that’s what really happened when these two Titans met for breaking bread, the best cook in the world had to loosen his belt so it could fit all the state of the art courses that the father of all patents, physics and IT genius and author of the best cuisine book in the world, had prepared for him.

Myhrvold took them on a high-tech food expedition around the world, deconstructing one dish at a time, playing with their senses, reinventing ideas and showing the master that he serious about cooking and that he also knows a trick or two.

Dwight Garner and Kyoko Hamada were also invited, you can check out their NY Times article here.


“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” G. B. Shaw

xo Marez


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