Chefs of the world are gathering today in Venice for the grand final of the annual 14th S. Pellegrino Cooking Cup. While the sailors and skippers sail away, bending the wind in order to finish first, chefs cook away below deck for the Acqua Panna & S. Pellegrino Young Chef of the Year Award. This year the S. Pellegrino and the yatch club Compagnia della Vela have chosen Chef Gastón AcurioChef Davide Scabin, Chef Andreas Caminada, Chef Umberto Bombana, Chef Ivan Li
, Chef Paul Qui, Chef Helena Rizzo, Francesca Barberini, Charles Reed and Giacomo Missoni for the judge panel. As for the line up we welcome aboard:

Jacob Davey – est, Thomas Troupin – La Menuiserie à Champagne, Danny Smiles – Le Bremner, Kirill Kinfelt – TrüffelSchwein, Ahmad Salameh – King David hotel, Luciano Monosilio – Pipero al Rex, Kim Ho-Young – formerly with Jungsik, Sergey Berezutskiy -As Eat Is, Christopher Graham – Atlantis the Palm, Tim Maslow – Ribelle.

May the best man win! Godspeed!

“To young men contemplating a voyage I would say go.” – Joshua Slocum

xo See You In Venice ?


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